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About the project

This is my submission for the Rising Star challenge.

Turnarounds as well as higher res screenshots can be found on my Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/XBLa1y

For my project I wanted to recreate Bageumi's Knights Templar concept art. I loved the design and I wanted to make sure that I would make the original justice. I tried to stay as true to the original as much as I could, I changed a few things either due to time constrains or in order to make it more visually interesting. I used Paragon's eye, face and hair shaders to achieve the best result. For the hair I had 3 iterations of XGen hair, however, I didn't like any of them and so in the end I ended up painting the hair in Photoshop and used that instead. For the face I used texturingXYZ for the skin pores and albedo map as a base that I then painted over in Substance painter. The skirt and the coat were done Marvelous Designer.

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Tags3D, Characters, knight, templar, Unreal Engine

Install instructions

The file was 1.6 GB and thus I had to split it into two files. Project is using UE4 version 4.21.2

Download both part 1 and 2 and unzip them to get the project. 


TemplarKnight_UE4-ver4.21.2.part1.rar 900 MB
TemplarKnight_UE4-ver4.21.2.part2.rar 736 MB
TemplarKnight_Documentation.pdf 224 MB


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this is so cool the details on ther outfit is hugggggggggeeeee